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XI Russian Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market” will take place in Saint Petersburg on June 21-22, 2018.

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Anastasia Kaziyeva, Head of Strategic Planning and Development Department, Gazpromneft Marine Bunker LLC presents her paper at the X Russian Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market”

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Agency Portnews published the paper on Russian refineries modernization program and demand for new types of marine fuel written by Vladimir Kapustin, Director General of VNIPIneft (research and engineering center, Moscow).

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News Archive

Greeting from Secretary General of IBIA

It is a great pleasure to witness another group of Bunker Professionals organising a local association. It is an even greater pleasure that there is such an interest in having a close tie with the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).

IBIA was formed 13 years ago and has grown steadily. The aims of the Association are: -

  1. To provide an international forum to address the concerns of all sectors of the international bunker industry
  2. To improve and clarify industry practices and documentation
  3. To represent the industry in discussions with relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies and to make the concerns of the industry known to such bodies
  4. To assist members in the event of disputes by identifying the options and exploring the alternatives open to them and eventually to provide a panel of suitably experienced mediators and arbitrators
  5. To increase the professional understanding and competence of those working in the industry.

IBIA currently has 17 Russian Members and we look forward to welcoming more as a result of close relations with the Association of Marine & River Bunker Suppliers. Our industry is a truly global one. However, we at IBIA also recognise the value of local knowledge, especially when dealing with local issues. That is why I believe by working together we can achieve the best possible results for our industry.

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