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RN-Bunker joins Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

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Reports from the XI Russian Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market” have been published.

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Interview with Olga Sarkova, speaker of the XI Russian Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market” was published on PortNews.

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News Archive

First resident of Free Port of Vladivostok is set to turn Slavyanka into international hub port


The first resident of Free Port of Vladivostok – Pacific Investment Company (JV between Vladivostok based Tranzit-DV Group and Chinese company Chzhungunsin) - is going to turn Slavyanka port into an international hub port, press center of Tranzit-DV cites the Group’s President Igor Polchenko.

At the first meeting of the Supervisory Board held on October 21, 2015, the Free Port’s first resident - Pacific Investment Company – set to build a five-star hotel and a residential complex in Slavyanka, was announced.
According to Polchenko, a plot of land has already been allotted for the project valued at RUB 5 bln. The Chinese side is working on the design.
Tranzit-DV President says the key task of the Free Port residents is to develop programmes interesting for investors so that Russian economy could attract resources from remote countries like Brasilia and Argentina. Enjoying the advantages of the free customs zone they will be able to launch production here.
“The second task is to include Vladivostok into main international sea routes. To make Vladivostok and Slavyanka included into regular schedule of vessels operating at long-distance trade lines, those vessels should be able to be loaded/unloaded there and provided with a full range of port services”, Polchenko said.
He emphasized that construction of the hotel is only a part of an ambitious project. “We are going to turn Slavyanka into a hub port of international importance. Tranzit-DV has been working on implementation of this idea for several years”. 
This project’s production facility is represented by the multimodal production and logistic complex of Vostokbunker, also a company of Tranzit-DV Group.
Slavyanka project has been under implementation from late 2013. The complex is specialized in transshipment of cargoes delivered from the north-eastern provinces of China onto boxships calling at the port. For that purpose, an offshore transshipment complex TOR has been built and the construction of onshore infrastructure is in progress. 
Offshore transshipment complexes let bunker the world’s largest container carriers without berthing. In summer 2015, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, operating one of the world's largest containership fleet, included Slavyanka port in its calls schedule for re-fueling. RF Ministry of Transport allowed the Holding establish such complexes at Vostochny, Nakhodka and Zarubino ports.
Tranzit-DV is currently developing logistic schemes excluding mediators for direct shipments of goods from Vladivostok and Slavyanka.
Igor Polchenko says Vostokbunker may become the next resident of the Free Port. “Certain agreement has been reached at the Supervisory Board meeting. It’s time to elaborate the text and to return to this in a month, at the next meeting,” he said.
Federal Law on the Free Port of Vladivostok came into effect on October 12, 2015. The free port legislation will be applicable for 15 municipalities of the Primorsk Territory including their water areas. Total area of the free zone is 28,400 square kilometers with population of 1.4 mln people.

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